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What is the relationship between the Billy Graham ministry in the U.S. and the ministry in Canada?
BGEA of Canada is a separately incorporated Association, with its own Board of Directors and distinct mandate to bring the message of Christ to Canadians. We have very close contact with the U.S. Association, and work with them to bring radio programs, television specials, Decision magazine, World Wide Pictures videos, and other ministries to Canada.

Who makes the decisions about BGEA ministry in Canada?
Our board of directors and management do. Franklin Graham is the Chairman of our Board of Directors, and Billy Graham is the Honorary Chairman. The Vice Chairman and other members of the Board are Canadian citizens, representing various regions across the country.

If I donate to BGEA of Canada, where will my money be used?
Most donations received by BGEA of Canada are used for ministry in Canada, at the direction of our Board. Occasionally we assist and support evangelistic efforts abroad, also at the direction of our Board. Site visitors may donate online.

Do I receive a Canadian charitable receipt if I donate to the ministry in Canada?
Yes, we are a registered charitable organization, and issue tax receipts for all donations one dollar and over.

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