Battle of the Bands benefits food bank

Lethbridge Herald
December 22, 2009

Last month's Epicentre Lethbridge Battle of the Bands competition held at The Gate not only provided entertainment for 300 young rock fans, but also benefited the Lethbridge Interfaith Food Bank.

The event raised $800 for the food bank through admission charges and bottled water sales.

Five bands took part in the competition, held as part of the Epicentre outreach initiative sponsored by area churches and the Calgary-based Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada.

Top spot went to Phao, a four-piece group from Lethbridge which donated its prize, $1,000 in equipment from Note-Able Music, to second-place finisher Eyes of Isis. Both bands already have recording studio experience.

Also performing were The Tab, Twisted Crown and Embodied Deception.

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