ignition sets London Youth on Fire

Christian Life in London
October 2007
Becca Francis

Wednesday, September 5, 2007 wasn't only the second day of school for students all over Canada; it was the night that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada introduced God to almost 3,000 students in London at the John Labatt Centre.

Stellar Kart, an amazing Christian band, started off the night with a kick of energy followed by Building 429, another Christian band that brings God to their listeners through their incredible music. And sharing the Gospel and the love of God with the young people of London was speaker Will Graham, grandson of world renowned evangelist, Billy Graham. He had come to London to share the power that Jesus Christ has in the life of His followers, and the necessity of having Him with you.

Surrendering yourself to God is not easy, but God calls us to step out in faith and trust. He wants to use each of us. I believe God is going to help us change our society. Are you going to be part of it?

As Christian teenagers we have an amazing opportunity to reach our friends and family just by being with them. If you can "talk the talk" but don't apply it to your life, it means nothing, so let your actions speak for you!

When asked what she thought of the night, St. Thomas local, 17-year-old Esther Zywczok had this to say, "ignition was awesome! The bands were definitely the highlight of the night." Sam Jennings, 15, said, "I thought that the message was really relevant. I got a lot from it." God clearly used the talents of the musicians as well as the speaker, Will Graham, to impact the hearts of those present.

Hundreds of teens heard the message of the Gospel at ignition. Just as Esther and Sam were impacted, so was the crowd. That means you have an army of Christians behind you, to help you, to support you and to love you as you strive to live out your faith.

As Will Graham's message came to a close, he asked those who wanted to have the God that saves lives to come to the front. There, teen and adult counselors waited to help them through this life changing decision. That night 190 people responded to the invitation to surrender their lives to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Closing the night with a bang, Kutless delivered another burst of energy and excitement. My prayer for London is that the fire that was lit in the hearts of teens at the JLC that night, will continue to burn for God, so that London can initiate the change in other cities, in other provinces, and ultimately in our world.

16 year-old Becca Francis is a member of the Youth Communications Team for Epicentre London.

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