News Release :: “Cross the Street” Conference Planned for Ottawa in 2011

Calgary, AB, Sept. 1, 2011 - Ottawa, ON, will host this year's annual "Cross the Street: Engaging Your Community with Authentic Faith" conference that strives to equip Canadian Christians with fresh new ways to effectively impact their communities and workplaces for Christ. Cross the Street is for believers who wish to make a significant, sustainable, and greater difference for Christ in their "world" through their local church. This practical, inspirational, and engaging event will rekindle their faith and give them new tools for the future.

The keynote speakers will include Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham; Eric Swanson, author of 'The Externally Focused Church'; Gary Nelson, President of Tyndale University; Mark Hughes, Pastor of Church of the Rock in Winnipeg; and David Macfarlane, director of national initiatives for BGEAC. There will also be seminars on reaching out cross-culturally, sharing the gospel with relevance, and more.

"While there is a huge spiritual hunger in Canada today, people are not turning to the Christian church for answers as they once did," said Macfarlane. "If we are to regain our influence and earn the right to be heard, we need to learn to build bridges to our communities over which, in time, Jesus can cross. This conference for all Christians helps us put the church back into the heart of the community."

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The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada is well-known for the powerful outreach ministry of its founder, Billy Graham. BGEAC is non-denominational, partnering with churches and Christian communities in Canada and around the world to share the life-saving message of Jesus. We strive to use language and methods that authentically resonate with people of all ages and cultures. Each of BGEAC's growing number of programs-for adults, teens, and children-is prayerfully led by men and women with a passion to share their Savior's love.

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