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Click the links below to read past feature articles in Decision magazine:


Personal Faith Profiles

On the Move for God (July 2014)

Love Like A Mother - Bodie Theone (Feb 2014)

Living Life on Purpose (June 2013)

Suffering Redeemed (May 2013)

From Drugs to Deliverance (April 2013)


Bible Studies with Anne Graham Lotz

Looking Forward with Hope (July 2014)

Night Lights (June 2014)

Are You Ready? (May 2014)

Ministering to Jesus (Feb 2014)


Messages from Billy Graham

Making a Difference in an Age of Crisis (July 2014)

Call to Commitment (June 2014)

Be a Non-Conformist (May 2014)


More Articles

Faith of our Fathers July 2014

Not Ashamed of Christ (July 2014)

Stand and Be Counted (July 2014)

Following Orders (June 2014)

Growth Amid Oppression (June 2014)

How to Respond When God Speaks (June 2014)

Hungry for His Love (June 2014)

The Quiet Heart (June 2014)

Unpreceded Global Growth (June 2014)

Athiests Attack College Coaches (June 2014)

Collapse of Conviction (May 2014)

Following Jesus, No Matter the Cost (May 2014)

God is our Hope (May 2014)

How to Think Like a Christian (May 2014)

No Fear in Love (May 2014)

Take a Stand on Biblical Inerrancy (May 2014)

Why Some Christians are Ineffective (May 2014)

Strong Marriage: A Sure Foundation (Feb 2014)

Can a Christian be Homosexual (Feb 2014)

Blessed Assurance (Feb 2014)

Your New Journey with Jesus (Feb 2014)

Abide in Christ (Feb 2014)




Here's what you'll find in every issue:


Billy Graham - in every issue, Billy Graham imparts a message of encouragement and faith by re-focusing us on the Word of God and the living

reality of Jesus Christ

Franklin Graham - Franklin's monthly column sounds a clear, concise, and faith-centering message on the reality and power of Jesus Christ in our

world today

People of faith - powerful and relevant faith stories of people trusting God at His Word through trials and testings

Bible studies - life-changing, Bible-based teachings inspiring us to press forward and look up

Ruth Bell Graham - selected from Ruth's writings, these nuggets present a unique perspective from a mother and wife, always flavored with

encouragement and godly wisdom

Updates - stay informed with reports from across Canada and around the world

Upcoming national events - keeping Canadian Christians plugged in and connected

BBB Festival of Hope My Hope with Billy Graham

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada

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