How is my life going to change if I start taking God seriously? I want to, but I'm not sure what would be expected of me, because I've never met many real Christians. I know lots of casual Christians, of course, but not many who take it seriously.


One reason I wanted to reprint your letter is because you’ve pointed out a serious problem — the problem of people who claim to be Christians but in reality don’t take Jesus seriously.

But if Jesus Christ was who He said He was — the divine Son of God — and if He did for us what He claimed to do — dying on the cross for our sins and rising from the dead to give us eternal life — then how can we take Him casually? The answer is, we can’t — because what happened some 2,000 years ago when Jesus walked this earth must be the most important event in human history. As the Bible says, “In him was life, and that life was the light of men” (John 1:4).

This is why I urge you to take Jesus Christ seriously — so seriously that you will turn to Him in faith and trust, and commit your life to Him. What will happen if you do? First, God will forgive you all your sins, and He’ll make you a member of His family forever. In addition, God Himself will come to live within you by His Spirit, so you can walk with Him every day.

God also will set your feet on a new path in life, living for Christ instead of yourself. Most of all, He’ll surround you with His love, and give you a desire to follow Him every day. Begin your new life today, by giving yourself to Jesus without delay.