I know anger is supposed to be a sin, but why? I don't see what's wrong with being angry at someone, as long as you don't hurt them or anything like that.


Have you ever asked yourself what happens when you’re angry with someone? Yes, anger can lead to violence—but even when it doesn’t, it still does harm in other ways.

For example, look at the harm anger does to your relationship with the other person. As long as you are angry and filled with hatred toward someone, you are alienated and separated from them—and that isn’t God’s will. You’ll even be hoping something bad will happen to them—which is the opposite of love. The Bible says, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone” (Romans 12:18).

But I wonder also if you have ever realized how much anger hurts you. Anger easily gives birth to other emotions, such as bitterness and hatred—and these are like an acid eating away at your soul. The Bible wisely says, “Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming” (Proverbs 27:4).

I urge you to bring your anger to Christ, and give it—and your life—to Him. He has every reason to be angry at us, for we have ignored Him and turned our backs on Him. But He still loves us—and the proof is that He was willing to go to the cross so we could be forgiven. Don’t let anger or any other sin control you any longer, but by faith open your heart to Christ.