I know faith is important, but how much faith do you have to have in order to be saved and go to heaven when you die? I admit that sometimes I have a lot of faith, but other times my faith is pretty weak, and this worries me.


Jesus was once asked how much faith a person needed to be saved, and He replied that if our faith was only as big as a mustard seed — one of nature’s smallest seeds — then God would honor that faith (see Matthew 17:20).

You see, it isn’t the size of our faith that’s important, but the object of our faith. In other words, in what (or whom) do you place your faith? Is your faith simply in “faith” (as is true with some people)? Or is it in your feelings, which come and go? Is your faith in your good works, hoping somehow that you’ve been good enough for God to accept you? Or perhaps your faith is in God — but God sometimes seems distant and unconcerned about you.

Only one person is worthy to be the object of our faith — and that is Jesus Christ. He alone is our Saviour, for He alone has opened heaven’s door for us. Make certain that your faith is in the right place, by committing your life in complete faith and trust to Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “Our Saviour, Christ Jesus… has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel” (2 Timothy 1:10).

Take the first step of faith by asking Jesus Christ to come into your life, and trusting Him alone for your salvation. Then ask Him to help you grow strong in your faith — through His Word, the Bible, through prayer, and through regular fellowship with other believers.