Our marriage looks like it's headed for the rocks. The main problem is, I work during the day and he works the night shift, so we almost never have any real time together. We need the money, but how can we solve this? I didn't mean for our marriage to be this way.


God didn’t mean for your marriage to be this way, either. He gave marriage to us, and He intended it to be a source of joy and security for us. At the very beginning of the human race—even before sin corrupted the world—God declared, “It is not good for the man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18).

This is why the most important thing I can urge you to do is to seek God’s will as you seek to solve this problem. God loves you, and He wants what is best for you. He also knows all about your situation and what steps you need to take to put your marriage on a solid foundation. Begin by turning to Christ and asking Him to come into your lives—and your marriage.

Then ask Him to show you what practical steps you should take to change your situation. Perhaps you need to budget your money more carefully; perhaps you can arrange your schedules so you’re able to spend more time with each other. Don’t be afraid to make whatever changes are necessary; saving your marriage is far more important than having the latest TV or automobile.

Many newlyweds have very romantic ideas about marriage, and when those fall short, they begin to wonder if they’ve made a mistake and ought to get out. Don’t let this happen to you. A good marriage takes work—but it’s worth it, and with God’s help it can succeed, even in difficult circumstances.