My father just died, and I feel so guilty because I never really thanked him for all he did for me. My mother died when I was in my early teens, and he had the responsibility of raising me by himself. I guess I was just too wrapped up in my own life.


We can’t change the past—but we can learn from it! One reason I wanted to print your letter is because I hope it will make us all more grateful toward those who have helped us in life. The Bible tells us to “give thanks in all circumstances” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Your letter also reminded me of how easy it is for us to get so wrapped up in what is happening to us at the moment that we forget to see the whole picture. When this happens, we forget to be sensitive to others or express our gratitude to them—and we also forget God and all He has done for us. After all, God made it possible for your father to help you; have you thanked God for giving him to you? Father’s Day is a good time to remember the gift of our fathers.

But God has also given you an even greater gift—the gift of His Son. Your father sacrificed to provide you a better life, but Christ made the greatest sacrifice of all by giving His life for you. Don’t turn your back on your Heavenly Father, but confess your sins and ask Him to come into your heart today. The Bible says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

Ask God also to help you be an encouragement to others, just as your father was to you. God used him in your life; now ask Him to use you to help others in His name.