Recently, I was diagnosed with a rare blood disease that put me in the hospital and still keeps me weak. At first, my friends expressed concern (including many in our church), but now no one ever calls or asks if they can help. Why is this? Should I just have kept my problems to myself?


It wasn’t wrong for you to share your problems with others – not at all. How else would they learn that you needed help, and how else would they know how to pray for you? The Bible says, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).

Nor would it be wrong for you to share your present situation with some of your friends – not at all. They aren’t deliberately ignoring you; their previous concern shows that they care about you and want to help. But since they haven’t heard anything further from you, they probably think you’ve recovered and no longer need their help. After all, you can probably remember times in your own experience when you acted the same way.

A note or phone call from you, thanking them for their encouragement and help, would be both proper and appropriate. In it, you could say something about your progress, and ask for their prayers. If you have special friends who would be willing to help you in some way, don’t be afraid to ask for their assistance. If your church distributes a prayer list through e-mail or in some other way (as many churches today do), ask to be placed on it.

Friends may fail us or become preoccupied with other things, but one Friend will never fail you – and that is Jesus Christ. May you draw closer to Him during these difficult days.