Sometimes our little boy refuses to say his prayers. What should we do then?


Don’t try to force your child to pray. Every night set aside fifteen minutes or half an hour before his bedtime for reading and conversation. Show your child pictures of Jesus, and tell him stories of the Savior. Talk to him of the Heavenly Father. Explain to him that God sends the sun and the rain. Tell him it is God who makes the flowers grow, and gives us food to eat.

Let your child hear you pray, using simple words he can understand. Say: “I like to thank God for the good things He’s given me.” Do this for a few days. Then some evening when you’ve finished praying ask, “Isn’t there something you would like to thank God for?” If your child says only a few words, be content.

There is no better way to encourage a boy or girl to pray. Later you’ll want to teach your child to ask God to forgive the mistakes he’s made, and to pray for strength to do what is right. But don’t be impatient, or try to force your little one. Let him hear you pray. Surround him with love. Tell him of Jesus and the Heavenly Father. And soon he’ll want to express his thoughts in prayer.

Use these four steps to explain the Gospel to your child.