Why do you think there is so much violence in our communities today? We've had several shocking cases in our schools recently, and no one seems to know what to do about it. My husband thinks it's because of all the violence that kids see on TV, but I wonder if it's something deeper.


Almost from infancy our children are assaulted by images of violence that would have shocked previous generations — and this can’t help but have a negative impact on them. The Bible says it is dangerous to “eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence” (Proverbs 4:17).

Parents too must take responsibility for many of the problems we see in our schools (and elsewhere) today. Many become so wrapped up in their own pleasures and pursuits that they pay little attention to what is happening to their children. Instead they take the path of least resistance — which is to let them do whatever they want to do. But this is a recipe for disaster.

There is a larger problem today, however: We have lost sight of the meaning of right and wrong. “Live for yourself” many declare; others cry “Do your own thing”. But when we lose sight of God’s standards of right and wrong, then anything goes — and we’ll run over anyone who gets in our way.

The biggest problem, however, is that we have forgotten God. When we ignore Him and His will for our lives, we end up in chaos and destruction. That’s why our greatest need is for spiritual revival — facing our need for God’s forgiveness and turning to Christ for the new life we need. Pray for our nation, and ask God to help you join others in making your community a better place.