Please pray that my daughter will stop drinking. She has three children (by different men), and they need her to spend the money she wastes on alcohol on them instead. I help out when I can, but I'm on Social Security so I can't do much.


Alcohol has become so common today (and is often advertised in such an attractive way) that we sometimes lose sight of the devastating impact it has on millions of lives. My heart goes out to you, and especially to your daughter and grandchildren. May God intervene and free them from this terrible snare.

However, from what you say your daughter’s problems go beyond alcohol. To be frank, she has allowed herself to be lured into a lifestyle of sin and self-indulgence that will never bring her happiness, no matter what she thinks. Satan has trapped her with his promises of happiness and security–but his promises are always false. As Jesus said, “there is no truth in him … for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44).

Do what you can to get your daughter to face her alcoholism and deal with her problems. But more than that, urge her to turn to Christ and give her life to Him. She needs His forgiveness, and she needs the strength and purpose He alone can give to begin her life again.

God loves your daughter, in spite of the years she has spent ignoring Him and living for herself. Only Christ can fill the emptiness in her heart–the emptiness she has tried to fill in other ways. Those ways will only destroy her–but Christ offers her hope and peace.