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My Husband Wants a Divorce After 30 Years. How Should I Respond?

My husband of 30 years has asked for a divorce now that our children are grown and gone. It seems we don't have a lot in common anymore and I think he is ready for a new life. Will I show him that I love him more by agreeing to this or should I pray that he will change his mind?

God’s Desire Is To Heal Your Marriage

My husband and I have had a fairly rocky marriage, but we've stayed together all these years for the sake of the children. But now that they're out on their own, I don't see any reason why we should stay married. Do you?

Am I the Reason That My Relationships Aren’t Great?

I have never enjoyed a good relationship though I’ve been married several times. I have lots of friends at church that I do things with but they are not people I can depend on. I am beginning to think that I am the problem. How can one know?

How Can I Be More Hopeful and Happy?

Is it possible to find a well of good wishes, or is the human race doomed to looking for hope but never finding it?

What Is the Most Important Thing to Plan for?

Does the saying in the Bible about not worrying about tomorrow mean that we shouldn’t plan for the future? This confuses me as a college student who wants to be responsible to make good decisions in life.

Feeling Depressed After Christmas?

What does it mean to put on the whole armor of God? Putting on armor seems a little restrictive.

Where did evil come from and why does God allow it?

I know you say God will forgive us, but how do we know it’s true? I often ask God to forgive me, but I’m not sure He really does.

The kindest person I know is my atheist friend who has no use for God. On the other hand, some of the most difficult and unpleasant people I know say they are Christians. How do you explain this?

My grandma keeps telling me that she thinks it’s harder to be a young person today than when she was growing up, but I’m not sure I understand what she means. Was her generation more religious or something?

My high school is in shock, because last week one of our classmates took his life. He always seemed like a nice person, although I guess he didn’t have many friends. What could we have done? I feel guilty for not helping him somehow.