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Christ died for every race and background

I grew up believing that my race was superior to every other race, and the reason (I was taught) was because that's what the Bible teaches. Does it? If so, then I don't want anything to do with your faith.

Why do people, even some Christians, hate me because I’m a minority?

If God loves everybody, then why is there so much hate in the world? I'm a member of a racial minority, and I feel it every day—even from people who claim to be Christians.

Is prayer the only way for people to get something from God?

Is prayer the only way for people to get something from God?

I got fired and I’m mad, shouldn’t Christians be able to show anger?

After several years on the job I was recently fired. The company told me that I didn't get along with people and it hindered my performance in the office. Am I really supposed to suppress my anger just because I am a Christian?

Is joy the same thing as happiness? Can you learn to be joyful?

Are certain people born with the disposition of being joyful or can people learn to have joy?

The doctor just told me horrible news, where is God?

I'm in shock, because the doctor has just told me I have a disease that will slowly but surely cripple me and eventually take my life. I had big plans for my retirement years, but now it's all up in the air. Where is God in all this?

How do I help hurting people if I don’t have the resources?

It's frustrating to hear about trouble and not be equipped to do anything. How can a person offer themselves as part of the solution if they do not have money to send, or time to give to others who are hurting and in danger?

Tips for teaching children to pray

Sometimes our little boy refuses to say his prayers. What should we do then?

How can I be certain that God is in control in the midst of conflict?

How can I be certain that God is in control in the midst of conflict?

Should I try to reunite my family?

My family never got along very well, and over the years we just drifted apart and don't have anything to do with each other. Now that I'm older I'd like to do something about this, but I'm not sure they even care. Should I try, or just leave it alone?

Why can’t families get along?

Why can't families get along? My five siblings and I got together for Christmas dinner this year, and all we did was argue. I'm afraid we hardly ever have contact. This concerns me, but I guess it's just been easier to go our separate ways.

A call to cherish the family God has given you

Our five children are grown and live all over the country, but when we suggested we get together for a family reunion they said they weren't interested. I'm really sorry that we never were a close family, but is it too late to change this?