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Am I making a mistake going to a large public school where Christianity is ridiculed?

I'm headed for college shortly, and I can't help but worry about the pressures I'll face as a Christian. It's a large state university, and from what my friends tell me it's not a very easy place to be a Christian. Am I making a mistake going there?

What should I do when teachers or peers attack my faith?

It took me about two minutes to discover that my college roommate isn't only an atheist, but he's also very aggressive about it. Should I move out and find a roommate who won't constantly make fun of my faith in Jesus?

When should I start talking to my child about God?

Our 4-year-old keeps asking me questions about God, and I don't know what to tell him. I've tried to put him off by saying that he's too young to understand things like this, but that doesn't satisfy him. What should we do?

How can I be an example of Christ for my family?

We're having a big family reunion this summer, and I admit my husband and I are kind of nervous because most of our relatives aren't religious. We don't want to come across as self-righteous killjoys, but I guess we ought to take a stand somehow for Jesus. Should we just not go?

The perfect role model

I've become very disillusioned recently because it seems like almost everyone I've looked up to has turned out to be two-faced or corrupt—celebrities, sports figures, politicians, you name it. Can anyone be trusted today?

Does Prayer Really Change Anything?

Does prayer really change anything? I've wondered about this, because if God really wants to do something, He'll go ahead and do it anyway, won't He? He's not going to wait until I get around to praying about it.

Why Pray if God Might Say No?

I know you've said that God sometimes answers our prayers with a "no"—but if that's the case, then why bother to pray?

Praying for Decisions

A friend of mine always prays when she's facing a decision, even a very small one. I guess that's OK, but didn't God give us the ability to think things through on our own? Why spend time praying about something, if it's already obvious what we ought to do?

Right Way to Pray

I grew up thinking that the only prayers I was supposed to say were ones I'd memorized as a child. Now I'm afraid to pray in my own words, for fear I'll say something wrong and God will be offended. Am I right to feel this way?

Billy Graham’s Final Answer

Mr. Graham, how would you like to be remembered?

God Made You Unique

Why did God make me such a shy person? I want to make friends and be accepted by people, but whenever I get in a crowd I just freeze up and don't even talk to anyone. Sometimes I wish I was someone else.

How Honest Can We Be with God?

How honest can we be with God? I don't want Him to get upset with me, but to be honest I'm kind of angry at God because He doesn't seem to be doing anything about my problems. What would happen to me if I told Him?