Fearless with Cissie Graham
Episode 34: Win or Lose, Trusting God with the Election Results

November 4, 2020

The 2020 elections have been said to be one of the most pivotal elections of our lifetime. Many experts have even said that it is the most critical since the election of Abraham Lincoln. As I was sitting in my quiet house on the eve of Election Day, I was wondering what my message would be when we found out the results. I was reminded of 2 Chronicles 20, when Jehoshaphat turned to God – this battle is not ours, it belongs to God. No matter who wins or loses, my message, my job, and my passions will remain the same. This year hasn’t taken God by surprise. The next days and weeks might be shocking to us, yet no matter the results the sun will still rise and God will still sit on His Throne.

  • 2 Chronicles 20