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How Ryan Stevenson Found Peace with God in the Eye of the Storm

Posted: July 16, 2020

“It felt like a locomotive just derailing, and I was on it, and I’m just under a pile of smoldering rubble.”

Music artist Ryan Stevenson was on top of the world. Then everything went wrong: His mother died, his record label dropped him and his wife suffered a miscarriage. Ryan was angry at God, but he kept his faith and even found peace in the eye of the storm. Hear more about what happened on this episode of GPS: God. People. Stories.

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Music used in this episode:
Ryan Stevenson – “Through it All” @ 0:32
Ryan Stevenson – “Speak Life (Acoustic)” @ 18:27
Ryan Stevenson – “Eye of the Storm” @ 19:56
Ryan Stevenson – “Amadeo (Still My God)” @ 23:56

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