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‘It’s Not About the Circumstances; It’s About the Savior’: A Story of Loss and Faith

Posted: July 16, 2020

As the world grapples with the coronavirus crisis, Becky Nordquist’s story can encourage anyone who’s ever asked the question, “Why, God?”

She was abused by church members, abandoned by her husband, and devastated by pregnancy loss and a stillborn baby. Becky could have let her suffering define her life and destroy her faith. Instead, she has discovered a deep intimacy with Jesus that she wouldn’t trade for anything.

Listen as Becky explains that, “We can walk forward in confidence, knowing the Almighty God is already on the other side of our crisis, regardless if that crisis is a pandemic or you just had the rug of your life ripped out from underneath you.”

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Music in this episode:
Laura Story – Bless The Lord @ 0:39
Laura Story – I Can Just Be Me @ 20:06
Laura Story – God of Every Story @ 24:52

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