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‘Lead Me’: Singer Asks God to Save Marriage and Son

Posted: January 22, 2020

“What am I going to do, as a man and as a leader of my home and my family, to step up and fix what’s broken with God’s help?”

Matt Hammitt is the former lead singer for Sanctus Real. The pinnacle of the band’s success coincided with a dark time in Matt’s family and marriage. Find out how he recovered from almost losing his son Bowen and wife Sarah on this episode of GPS: God. People. Stories.

This episode features an excerpt from Billy Graham’s message, “Heart Disease.”

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Music used in this episode:
Sanctus Real – Lead Me @ 0:01
Sanctus Real – Pray @ 0:51
Sanctus Real – Lead Me @ 16:02
Matt and Bowen Hammitt – Whole Heart @ 19:47

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