GPS: God.People.Stories
Rescued From Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Posted: December 10, 2020

“I can’t possibly sit in this space for the next several hours by myself. I will die.”

 When Rebekah Lyons moved to New York City with her family, she began experiencing extreme panic attacks that were triggered by tight spaces. Rebekah also began having flashbacks to when she thought she was dying while giving birth to her son years earlier.

 As Rebekah found freedom from anxiety, she launched a writing and speaking career to help others struggling with mental health issues. She shares her ongoing battle on this episode of GPS: God. People. Stories, along with the challenges of raising kids with special needs. 

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Music used in this episode:

Laura Story – “Grace Abounds” @ 0:37

Laura Story – “Faithful God” @ 17:11

Laura Story – “Perfect Peace” @ 22:01

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