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Questioning your parenting skills?

“Parenting is the most important responsibility most of us will ever face, and none of us does it perfectly,” - Billy Graham


Franklin Graham: ‘God Is working mightily in the Middle East’

“While the circumstances may be different, the same holds true today as several countries in the Middle East are closed to the spread of the message of Jesus Christ. But thankfully, the Lord’s Word knows no bounds! God is working mightily in the Middle East to call the lost unto repentance and salvation.”


Lebanese pastor shares 5 prayer requests after explosion

Between ongoing economic issues and political tensions, this tragedy is now another burden the tiny country has to bear.


Sharing Christ with people who aren’t like you

Race, homosexuality, addiction and abuse—all hot button issues with plenty of opportunities to air personal views about them, especially online.


Q&A: African American chaplains open up about racial tension

When Billy Graham chaplains Kevin Williams and Ken Dunlap walked through the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota, during protests, they sensed people’s inquiring looks: What are you doing here?


How Christians can fight depression

God has promised us lasting hope. As a start to finding peace, read these 5 Biblical truths—and never give up.


From eavesdropper to believer

God works through Rapid Response Team chaplains to transform lives in flood-damaged Fort McMurray.


Ruth Bell Graham: How to start praying

Be pointed. Be persistent. Be patient. But pray.


Los Angeles 1963

“I was as phony as a three-dollar bill; now I feel clean in here.”


Anne Graham Lotz: God’s antidote to loneliness

Are you feeling lonely? God has an antidote.


From death to life

When tragedy struck, a former abortionist began to grasp the value of life.


Billy Graham: Do you scoff at the second coming of Christ?

“Knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days” (2 Peter 3:3).