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Decades-long friendship between the Royal Family and Graham family

To honor Prince Philip’s life, here's a look back at his decades-long history with the Graham family


‘I started to weep and sob’

Faith in Christ saves struggling Sudbury man; now he's participating in Will Graham celebration


Taking every opportunity to proclaim the Good News

From the desk of Will Graham


Ruth Bell Graham: The strongest love

A poem from Ruth Bell Graham


COVID, 9/11 and leaving behind a shallow faith

"As God became the center of our hearts, our lives went in a completely different direction."


Anne Graham Lotz: Before Good Friday

The writer to the Hebrews reveals that the hope of the cross was ever before those in the Old Testament, but only in sacrifices, symbols and shadows.


Will Graham: Religiosity’s deception

A little 'vaccine' for sin won't do


When God doesn’t meet our expectations

If we only think of God as one who will always bless us with good things if we live for Him, when persecution or suffering comes, we will be blindsided.


Tebow brings ‘all-in’ approach to newest challenge

Retired from pro sports, iconic quarterback is just warming up


Return of the God hypothesis

Scientific discoveries reveal the mind of God behind the universe


Transgenderism, science and worldview

In the image of God He created him; male and female. He created them. —Genesis 1:27, NKJV


Abortion and the culture of death

“What we are witnessing is not political or social, it’s spiritual. Satan is simply doing his routine acts of stealing, killing and destroying.”