Christ’s Hope Moves Mightily to Start the Thompson-Okanagan Look Up Tour

“Tonight I want to talk to you about making a decision, the most important decision of your life. What are you going to do with Jesus?” Will Graham asked on Friday during the opening night of the Thompson-Okanagan Look Up Tour in British Columbia.
Christian Irish band Rend Collective opened the evening with high-energy, Gospel-filled worship in the packed auditorium.
Nearly 700 people filled Oasis Church in Kamloops, British Columbia.
Youth groups eagerly came for the powerful evening, many inviting friends to join them.
As an army of dedicated volunteers warmly welcomed people to the event, others covered every part in prayer.
Families, children, and people across generations came to hear a message of hope in Jesus Christ.
Canadian country music artist George Canyon led some of his favorite worship songs and shared his testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.
Just before Will Graham gave a message of hope in Christ, hundreds of voices sang alongside George Canyon, “Open the eyes of my heart, Lord.” And God responded.
“Every person who came in contact with Jesus had to make a decision about Jesus. They either followed Him or rejected Him. You can’t be neutral. Making no decision for Christ is making a decision about Him. That’s why this decision is so important. Eternity is at stake,” Will told those in attendance.
“Jesus bled and died for you. Why would He do that? Because He loves you. He died for your sin and wants to forgive your sin. It’s a gift that He gives you freely,” Will said. Over 50 people responded to that gift.
Nearly half of those who responded to Will Graham’s invitation were youth. They came forward together. Many ran.
Prayer volunteers were there to encourage and pray with those who made a decision for Christ.
Bonnie* and her 14-year-old grandson Ryan* came forward together to dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ. “We all have to make that decision. And it’s like Will said, ‘Jesus died on the cross for us.’” Bonnie shared. “I want to go home to Heaven, and I want all my family to be there.”
This woman filled out a card with her information to be connected with a church that can help her grow in her faith.
Have you told anyone lately about the hope Jesus Christ offers? You can share the four steps to peace with God with someone today.

*Names changed.