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Suffering Redeemed

A woman with physical disabilities overcomes hardship and inspires others to do the same.


A Life Undeserved

Christ has afforded us a life we don't deserve.


Bible Study: When the Wicked Flourish

Sometimes the bad guys seem to be winning, don’t they?


Believing in God’s Plan

Worship leader has overcome cocaine addiction, cerebral palsy.


Overcoming Evil With the Good of the Gospel

The greatest good is the Gospel, the Good News of Christ’s triumph over the forces of darkness—the principalities, rulers and authorities in the heavenly places. When the Gospel is preached, the power of...


Why Fear?

We should never fear that God will fail us.


Obeying Christ, Whatever the Cost

God is with His people in the fiery furnace. He is with His people in times of temptation, trouble and trial. Nothing shall separate us from the love of God.


Loving My Spouse

How do you tell your spouse that you love him or her? What is love, anyway? And what happens when the feeling of love runs out of your marriage?


Are You Living in Truth?

Are you committed to the truth? Would your spouse say that you are a truthful person? What about your colleagues at work? Would your friends say you are totally trustworthy?


According to God’s Will

In this, the second in a five-part series on prayer, author and speaker Jerry Bridges expounds on the importance of praying according to God’s will. Bridges has been a staff member with The Navigators for more than 50 years.


The Quran vs. the Bible

A conversation with Al Fadi


Pont Vers La Vie – (Bridge to Life) French Version

A Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada's French Canadian video that creatively shares the story of salvation through Jesus Christ.