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Remembering ‘Those who died that we might live’

10 Billy Graham Quotes for Remembrance Day


Photos: Canadian Law Enforcement Retreat

On November 3 and 4, more than 100 people attend the two-day Canadian Law Enforcement Retreat in Alberta's Kananaskis Country.


In His Words: What Billy Graham Once Said About Eternity

Here are five quotes from Mr. Graham over the years, along with videos, an audio clip and words of wisdom to honor what would have been the evangelist’s 101st birthday.


Words from Billy Graham on Eternity

As we remember Billy Graham—who would’ve recently turned 100 years old—we’re sharing words of wisdom from the world-renowned evangelist as he now spends eternity with Jesus.


School prayer case heads back to court

The case of former assistant high school football coach Joe Kennedy, who has been in the national spotlight for his 50-yard line post-game prayers, is back in federal district court.


Daniel Darling: ‘An assault on human dignity’

Governments have no right to dictate belief


Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

It’s not uncommon for people to struggle with whether to celebrate Halloween. Some see it as a dark day full of evil influence while others deem it a harmless time for fun costumes and candy. This answer from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association may offer some guidance on Halloween and even give you creative ideas for using the holiday to share Christ.


Struggling couple finds hope at Baker Lake Celebration

Like so many isolated Nunavut communities, Baker Lake struggles with suicide, crowded housing, lack of jobs, and a high cost of living. So many of those in attendance were coming to find hope in the midst of their difficult lives. John and Mary* were among them.


Halloween: Demons, Witches & the Supernatural

Billy Graham’s answers on demons, witches & the supernatural


Are there really ‘stranger things’?

5 Answers on the Supernatural


Billy Graham’s Answers on Occult Beliefs

The “Charlie Charlie Challenge” is growing in popularity as teens upload videos to social media of them trying to call on an evil spirit. Read more


What would Jesus do with the world wide web?

3 Ways to be a Light Online