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Ray Comfort: Abortion conversations should lead to the cross

We're made in God's image, and His law is on our hearts


How do I know if God hears my prayers?

Sometimes it’s as if He’s turned a deaf ear to me. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s even worthwhile praying.


Billy Graham: The only hope for the world

The greatest need in the world today is for spiritually mature Christians who are not only professing their faith in Christ but who are living it in their daily lives - Billy Graham


Making the most of every opportunity

BGEA forges ahead with evangelism in 2021


From a part-time job to a place in Heaven

God uses Celebration of Hope to answer a family’s prayer for their newest member


Struggling with parents’ divorce, young girl asks for Jesus’ help

During the pandemic, it’s easy to forget that people are struggling with everyday life issues, too.


Why do Christians get a bad reputation?

In His final days on earth, Jesus told His followers that the world would recognize them by their love, unity and good deeds.


This young chess champion knows the King of Kings

Tani Adewumi, now 10 years old, came to the U.S. with his family in 2017. They were seeking religious asylum after being threatened by Boko Haram in Nigeria. Tani learned to play chess at his school in New York City, and what happened next was more than he could have ever imagined.


Cissie Graham Lynch on Facing 2021 With Confidence & Hope

"We cannot grow weary."


15 Bible Verses to Give You Hope for the Future

Promises from Scripture for anyone feeling weary.


Where was God in a hard year?


I want a fresh start this year, will God forgive me?