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Cissie Graham Lynch: Do we truly know God?

As Christians, we aren’t meant to operate in fear, so why are so many people paralyzed with fear?


NFL head coach embraces role as divine calling

Frank Reich finds daily intimacy with Christ in God’s Word.


Ravi Zacharias: The lostness of man

“There is no culture, race or government that has escaped the blight of sin. The only difference is the degree of sophistication with which we manifest this condition.”


Ravi Zacharias remembered as a ‘gentle giant of our faith’

Evangelist-apologist had a long history of BGEA involvement.


R.T. Kendall: Facing the unprecedented

Hard times are a testing ground for our faith.


David Jeremiah: Is the Coronavirus in Bible prophecy?

Six lessons to learn from the pandemic.


Skip Heitzig: Dress rehearsal for a new world order?

Eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, we should understand the times.


The stated goals of Black Lives Matter are anti-Christian

The question is not whether evangelicals should tackle a discussion on perceived or actual racism; the question for all Biblical Christians with an interest in social justice is “do the core values of Black Lives Matter square with the Bible’s clearly-prescribed ways of holiness and morality?”


Franklin Graham: The love that conquers racism

Racism has caused deep wounds in our nation. But regret is not enough. We must make corrections, we must improve, we must act to bring positive change.


Tony Evans: God’s Kingdom demands righteousness and justice

It’s an endemic problem that needs deep fixing.


Chaplains minister at George Floyd protests sites

Ministry of presence brings spiritual change.


Will Graham: Jesus dispels fear

When the challenges seem insurmountable or the outlook bleak, focus on Jesus and know that He is in control. Spend time in His Word, live by faith and enjoy the fulfillment that only He can offer