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“Somebody cares for us”

Nunavut woman thanks God for renewal Baker Lake Celebration of Hope offers.


Dorian reveals difference between faith and works

Allan learns the importance of faith vs. good works from BG-RRT chaplains in PEI.


Billy Graham: Return to the Bible

On May 12, 1966, Billy Graham addressed the 150th Annual Meeting of The American Bible Society. Today, 53 years later, his warning about a culture that denies the authority of Scripture is even more urgent.


BG-RRT chaplains in right place, with right people, at right time!

God used some damaged trees, and the timely presence of just the right clean-up volunteers, to bring three people to Christ recently in Prince Edward Island.


Skeptical College Student Goes Online, Wondering If God Is Real

Every hour, on average, more than 1,000 people are exploring the Gospel on one of Search For Jesus’ evangelistic sites, with an average of 32 people indicating decisions for Christ.


Anne Graham Lotz: Eating Right to Stay Fit

What does your spiritual diet consist of?


How Can I Celebrate Thanksgiving When I’m Not Feeling Thankful This Year?

I’ve had several invitations to be with some of my family for Thanksgiving, but I’ve turned them all down. I lost my wife to cancer a few months ago, and it just would be too painful to be with them. And anyway, I don’t have much to be thankful for this year.


Reflect on God’s Goodness This Thanksgiving

Billy Graham answers a question on Thanksgiving for those who don't always look forward to having guests for the holiday.


Will Graham: 4 ways to support and encourage your pastor

Will Graham outlines several things you can do to support and encourage your pastor.


RRT chaplains comforting PEI residents

Myrna* was struggling with a lot of sorrow during the past decade, long before Hurricane Dorian hit her Prince Edward Island Home. Read her story.


Are you lonely?

If you feel the ache of loneliness, God has something better for you.


“It always touches my heart”

Nunavut teen wants young brother to hear the Truth at Baker Lake Celebration of Hope