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Remembering Ruth Bell Graham’s godly example

Ruth Bell Graham and Billy Graham were ready instruments of God. This week celebrates Ruth's birthday and the anniversary of her homegoing. Her life continues to be an example of faith to generations.


Cissie Graham Lynch Launches ‘Fearless’ Podcast

Daughter of Franklin Graham says she wants to encourage others to boldly live out their faith


GPS: Luis Palau’s testimony

Evangelist Luis Palau was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2018. It’s been a difficult battle, both physically and spiritually, but Luis has hope that he’ll be with Jesus Christ for eternity.


“There are so many people who need this”

“There are so many people who need this,” say Baker Lake residents, in welcoming Celebration of Hope to their Arctic community


GPS: Homeless by choice

Hear how Mike came to know what Jesus meant by “love your neighbor as yourself” in this episode of GPS: God. People. Stories.


Leader convinced Celebration will help his community

Silas’s church is one of three—with the Roman Catholic and Glad Tidings—in Baker Lake that is joining in the spiritual war by inviting the BGEAC to organize a Celebration of Hope in their isolated community.


GPS: He survived a mountain lion attack—and his own wild living (Part 2 of 2)

In the second half of this two-part GPS, Andy shares the heart-pounding play-by-play of his battle with the lion—and his life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.


10 quotes from Billy Graham on parenting

In between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we’d like to share with you some quotes from Billy Graham on the topic of parenting.


A 103-year-old woman, Billy Graham’s faithful partner

You probably haven’t heard of Nova before. While Billy Graham traveled the world, Nova was raising a family in Ada, Oklahoma. Even though they never met and lived very different lives, Mr. Graham and Nova partnered together with one mission: sharing the hope and love of Christ with a broken world.


Evangelism Training

The Christian Life and Witness Course helps Christians grasp key biblical principles that form a solid foundation for their faith. Using Scripture to answer common questions, the training team leaders show how to build a victorious Christian life and share the abundance of that life with others.


PHOTOS: Quinte region FM419 youth training

We praise God for bringing more than 150 people to our FM419 event in April at Calvary Community Church in Belleville, ON.


PHOTOS: Quinte region Christian Life and Witness Course

We thank God for the 700-plus people of all ages who attended the two weeks of Christian Life and Witness Course (CLWC) training.