Peace with God in an online world

Tom, a teenager from Eastern Europe, was struggling with his sexual orientation when he discovered, BGEA’s Internet Evangelism ministry.

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The website offers visitors the opportunity to connect with specially trained volunteer email counselors, so Tom began a conversation with Hanna, a Canadian counselor.

After Tom explained his life circumstances, Hanna reminded him that God loves him exactly as he is now, and has a plan for his life. The most important way to let that plan unfold, she added, is to repent of his sins and accept Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Tom understood, but he was fearful that even if he decided to dedicate his life to Jesus, his physical attraction to males would continue. Hanna told Tom there is a spiritual battle going on inside him and provided many Scripture verses to clearly show the devil’s deceitful character and evil goals.

Then she affirmed that Christ will guide him, direct him, and do amazing things in his life. When Tom questioned how this would happen, she quoted John 16:13 (“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth”) to show him that this life-changing work would be done through the Holy Spirit.

“It’s so nice to have hope and knowledge that someone wants to guide me,” Tom responded.

The conversation ended with Hanna asking Tom to:

  • acquire a Bible and read the Gospel of John.
  • find a Bible-believing church where he could speak with a pastor about what it means to become a follower of Jesus Christ.

We praise God for how He has used to speak into Tom’s life and the lives of millions of people around the world. Since the launch of this online ministry in 2011, almost 10 million visitors have responded by indicating they prayed to surrender their lives to Christ —about four decisions every minute!

You can be part of this exciting ministry, which shares the Gospel even in places where evangelism is not permitted, through your prayers and financial gifts. You can also learn more about becoming a volunteer online counselor at

As well, you can watch decisions for Christ happening in real time on a worldwide map at We show this map on a TV screen in the lobby of our Canadian headquarters in Calgary, AB, so visitors and staff can be encouraged to pray for everyone seeking God through this ministry. ©2017 BGEA


Doing more for the Kingdom


Keira is a specially trained volunteer with BGEA’s

Keira knew she was doing important work in raising four children with Christian values and a strong understanding of Jesus Christ.

She wanted to do more for the Kingdom, however. So when she learned about the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Internet Evangelism ministry, she signed up to become a volunteer online counselor.

“I wanted to share the Gospel and encourage people to draw near to God, knowing that He will then draw near to them,” said the 42-year-old Albertan.

Online counselors are available to everyone who visits, BGEA’s evangelism website. People are led to the site through social media advertising. On, they can read short articles and watch videos that clearly and simply explain who Jesus Christ is and what it means to have an eternal relationship with Him.

At the end, the website offers viewers the opportunity to pray and receive salvation. Or, if they’re not ready to surrender to the “Son of the Most High God” (Mark 5:7), they can click a button and ask people like Keira questions through email.

Like all email counselors, Keira was specially trained to carry out this evangelistic work through the BGEAC training website It’s designed for Christians interested in being equipped to participate in our Internet Evangelism ministry.

To further equip her, BGEAC ensures Keira has regular access—through phone calls and in-person meetings—to a representative who supports her ministry efforts. BGEA also offers several web-based seminars that celebrate and encourage the work of volunteers, while also offering more learning opportunities.

“I have grown so much through the experience of being an online counselor,” Keira said. “I pray before I read each email question, and I can honestly say that God has given me insight and answers for people that I would not have come up with on my own.” ©2017 BGEA