Rock The River

Rock the River is a multiphase investment in a community where we partner with local churches to disciple and train Christians in evangelism, then hold major outreach events where they can invite friends, co-workers and family members to hear Christian music and a clear Gospel message from Franklin Graham.



Rock the River Tour (RTR), a year-long training and evangelism ministry, is part of bold mission to reach youth across Canada. Today’s young people are searching for hope in everything but Jesus Christ.

This ministry invests in a community by working through partner churches to help Christians strengthen their faith and share it with friends and family. Then, community action projects reach out to the surrounding community through practical service opportunities.

All of this is focused toward a series of high-energy outdoor evangelistic concerts featuring some of today’s hottest Christian bands and multiple presentations of the Gospel by Franklin Graham. Young Christians can invite their friends, neighbors, and family to hear the message of Jesus Christ in a way that appeals to them.

After the tour has left, the ministry leaves a legacy of churches working together in unity, and fresh strength, hope, and encouragement to those churches. New believers are discipled by the local churches and the spiritual temperature of the city has changed for the better.

God is changing lives all across Canada — but there are so many more Canadians who need to hear about Christ’s love for them. Join the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as we present “My Hope Canada” — an opportunity for Canadians to share God’s love with their friends and neighbors in the comfort of their own homes.

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“I was a teeter-totter that tipped over today. I like knowing that Jesus can watch over you.” Rhys was invited by a Christian friend to Rock the River in Fraser Valley, BC. They knew each other through a high school jazz band. Eventually, Rhys joined his friend’s church youth band. Then, at Rock the River, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior after hearing Franklin Graham’s message of hope.


“This what we’re supposed to be doing, telling others about Jesus.” In 2006, at Franklin Graham’s Central Canada Festival in Winnipeg, Becky accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. Five years later, she volunteered as a Rock the River Winnipeg counselor to help bring others to faith in Christ.


“I’ve known for a long time that I needed to change my life.” After a string of failed relationships, Melissa found herself a single mother on welfare. Then she attended Rock the River in Calgary. Franklin Graham’s message about the Prodigal Son hit home and she went forward, crying, and committed her life to Jesus Christ.



2012: Ottawa, ON

2011: Winnipeg, MB

2010: Edmonton, AB

2010: Calgary, AB

2010: Fraser Valley, BC