We're devastated, because the doctor has just told us our 3-year-old son is autistic and will never have a normal life. What did we do to deserve this? We'd looked forward so much to having a normal family. God must hate us.


No, God doesn’t hate you, nor does He hate your son — not at all. I don’t know why He has allowed this to happen to you, but I do know this: God has not abandoned you, and He wants to help you become the best parents you can possibly be to your child. Your son needs you, and you need God.

As I read your letter, I couldn’t help but think of a young boy in the Old Testament with the tongue-twisting name of Mephibosheth. His father died in battle when he was five, and while fleeing from his father’s enemies he fell and was crippled for life. Some would have considered him useless and let him starve, but King David had compassion on him and took him into his house and treated him like a son. (You can read about him in 2 Samuel 9.)

Hard as it may seem right now, may you come to see your son for what he really is: a gift from God. And you are a gift to him also, for where would he be without you? You will bless him, and he will bless you. The Bible’s words include every child: “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him” (Psalm 127:3).

In addition, learn all you can about the challenges you and your son face, and how you can be as helpful as possible to him. Don’t neglect to make time for each other, also, and most of all, for God.

Find peace with God today.