My wife and I really love each other, but we've been fighting a lot recently, and it's almost always about money. I admit I get carried away sometimes and buy things we don't really need, but I don't see why she gets so upset. Do you have any suggestions?


I’m thankful that at least you realize you have this problem. Far too often, arguments about money between a husband and wife escalate to a point of no return, and almost before they realize it, they’re headed to divorce court. But God has a different solution.

Money isn’t evil in itself, but almost nothing can cause greater evil than money. Why is this? The reason is because the way we use (or misuse) our money reveals something far deeper: our basic goals in life. If our goal is to impress others, we’ll end up abusing our money. If our goal is pleasure, we’ll end up abusing our money. If we’re driven by greed or a desire for power, we’ll end up abusing our money. The Bible warns, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil” (1 Timothy 6:10).

What can you do? First, commit your lives to Jesus Christ, asking Him to forgive you and help heal your marriage. Ask Him also to help you see your money as a gift or trust from God, and not something to be used selfishly or unwisely.

Then take practical steps to get your money under control. Create a realistic budget and stick to it. Take control of your credit cards. Pray and seek God’s will before you make major purchases. Finally, take time every day to pray and read God’s Word together. The closer you are to Christ, the closer you’ll be to each other.