How can I know God has forgiven me? Or can we only know whether or not God has forgiven us after we die? I've asked Him to forgive me dozens of times for all the bad things I've done, but I still feel guilty.


God doesn’t want us to go through life wondering whether or not we have been forgiven and will be with Him in heaven when we die. Instead, He wants us to know right now that we have been saved—and we can know it, if we have trusted Christ for our salvation.

Let me illustrate it this way. Suppose you were trying to walk up a steep hill carrying a very heavy knapsack on your back. The farther you went, the more exhausted you became—until eventually you realized you’d never be able to reach the top. But then suppose someone came along who was obviously much stronger and offered to carry the knapsack for you. What would you do? The answer is simple: You’d transfer your heavy load to him.

This is what Christ wants to do for us. We are burdened by a load far greater than that imaginary knapsack: the load of our sin. Our greatest need is to have someone come and take our burden of sin away. And that is what Christ made possible when He died on the cross for us. Now all our sins can be transferred to Him—and then we will be free!

Don’t bear your burdens of sin and guilt any longer. Instead, by a simple act of faith turn them over to Christ—and when you do, they are gone forever. The Bible says, “Praise be to the Lord, to God our Saviour, who daily bears our burdens” (Psalm 68:19). Trust Christ for your salvation today.