Did you ever think about starting your own church or denomination? I think you could have been a great success with something like that.


No, I have never given even a moment’s thought to what you suggest. If I had done something like that, then I couldn’t have continued doing what God has called me to do—which is to be an evangelist.

Over the years, our ministry has been supported by people from almost every denomination imaginable, and I thank God for their willingness to be partners with us in proclaiming the Gospel. I also thank God for the many churches that are committed to spreading the Gospel and are teaching people how to put their faith into action. My goal is not to compete with them, but to encourage them and help them do the work of evangelism.

Never forget: God doesn’t call us to be successful (in a worldly sense) but to be faithful&mdahs;faithful to Him, faithful to the truth of His Word, faithful to the tasks He has given us. The Bible says, “Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction” (2 Timothy 4:2). This is God’s mandate not only for pastors, but for all of His church.

Not all of us are called to be pastors or evangelists, of course—but we are all called to be faithful to Christ. Have you turned your life over to Him, and are you learning to walk with Him every day? Life is short, and if we are ever to follow Christ, it must be now. Don’t let anything keep you from committing your life to Him and then following Him every day.