Do you think computers could ever take over the world someday? I know it sounds like science fiction, but computers are becoming so sophisticated that I wonder in what kind of a world we'll be living in 50 years. Does the Bible say anything about this?


The Bible doesn’t mention computers, of course—but it does assure us that God is in control of the universe, and nothing (including computers) will ever take His place.

Does this mean computers will never become so powerful that someone could use one to try to “take over the world” (whatever that means)? I will leave such speculations to others; anything I would say would be only a guess! But I do know this from my own experience with computers: Computers can only do what they are told to do. When evil men try to use them for evil purposes, then great harm can be the result.

You see, the basic issue with computers, or any other kind of technology, is the human heart. Computers can be used for great good (including spreading the message of the Gospel to people who have never heard of Christ). But they also can be used for great evil, as we have seen with such things as Internet pornography and gambling. The problem isn’t the computer; the problem is the person using it. The problem is our heart.

Our greatest need today is a moral and spiritual renewal—one which comes from a deep commitment to Christ and His will. Our prayer should be that of the psalmist: “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?” (Psalm 85:6). May that renewal begin in your life as you open your heart to Christ.