Do you think the Internet will ever replace going to church? I think it could, because people can stay in touch through the Internet just like they do in church. They also could listen to sermons or participate in a Bible study without having to go anywhere.


I’m grateful for the good things the Internet has brought into our lives, including the help it’s given to the work of many churches and organizations (including our own —

Every day, in fact, people all over the world are hearing the Gospel through the Internet and giving their lives to Jesus as a result. Many are in our own country, but for one reason or another they’ve never understood that God loves them or that Jesus gave His life for their salvation. Others, however, are from countries with few churches or Christians, and the Internet becomes their lifeline to other believers.

However, the Internet will never replace going to church — nor should it. God blesses us when we gather together to worship Him and hear His Word. God also put within each of us a need for fellowship with others. In addition, God calls us to love one other, and this can only happen as we spend time together. The Psalmist wrote, “Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together” (Psalm 34:3).

Most of all, the Internet can never take the place of our relationship with Jesus Christ. God loves us, and He yearns for us to talk with Him in prayer and spend time with Him in His Word, the Bible. What place does Christ have in your life? As we look forward to the beginning of a new year in just a few days, may you experience a new beginning by giving your life to Jesus Christ.