Do you think the time will ever come when everyone on earth will believe in Jesus? If so, it must be very discouraging to be an evangelist, because most parts of the world aren't Christian, and they don't seem to want to change.


Jesus’ command to His disciples has never been revoked: “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation” (Mark 16:15). No matter how difficult it may be, these are our marching orders until Christ comes again—and someday they will be fulfilled.

But God never promised that everyone on earth will come to believe in Jesus. After all, even in societies where the Christian faith has been widely preached (such as our own), many still chose to reject it. The same is true wherever the Gospel is preached; some will believe in Jesus and become His followers, while others will reject Him. Jesus once compared the evangelist to a farmer sowing seed. Some of his seed falls on hard or poor soil and dies, and only a portion will bear fruit (see Luke 8:1-15). So it is with the “seed” of the Gospel.

At the same time, God is at work in a remarkable way today, and in spite of the barriers many are coming to Christ all over the world. Last year, for example, over 1 million people professed faith in Christ through the telecasts our organization was able to beam to various countries.

Pray for God’s work around the world, and pray for those who seek to share the good news of Christ’s love with people who don’t know Him. Many Christians today live in hard places, but God is still at work and using them for His glory.