Don't you think the world would be better off if we learned to follow the teachings of Jesus? Do you think that could ever happen?


Yes, we certainly would be better off if we followed Jesus’ teachings and learned to treat each other the way we should. Think what a difference it would make, for example, if everyone followed Jesus’ command to “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31).

What is the problem? Why is the world constantly torn by conflict and war–and why do our lives often turn into war zones as well? The problem isn’t just that we need to be taught what is right (although there is a place for that, as every parent needs to learn). The problem is that even when we know what is right, we don’t do it. The Apostle Paul put it this way from his own experience: “For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do–this I keep on doing” (Romans 7:19).

In other words, our problem isn’t just a lack of knowledge. Our problem is deeper than that; our problem is within our hearts. Down inside, we want to put ourselves first instead of others–and instead of God. Even when we try, we cannot root out this drive to put ourselves first.

This is why our greatest need is to have our hearts changed–and that’s why Jesus Christ came into the world. When we ask Him to come into our lives, He erases the past, and He comes to live within us by His Holy Spirit. From that moment on, God begins to change us from within. Has this happened in your life? It can, by turning to Christ and giving your life to Him today.