Many years ago I stole a little money from my company. It didn't bother me much then, but recently I've felt very guilty over this. But I don't know how to make it right, because the company is no longer in business. Should I just try to forget it?


No, you shouldn’t “just try to forget it”—and even if you did try, I seriously doubt if you could. Not only is your conscience bothering you, but I believe God has brought this to your attention—and He won’t let you forget.

What you did was wrong, of course—legally, morally and spiritually. People sometimes think that stealing from a company or an agency isn’t as wrong as stealing from an individual—but that’s not true. Cheating on an expense report … shoplifting … filing a dishonest tax return … pilfering office supplies—these and similar actions all involve taking what doesn’t belong to us, and are wrong in God’s eyes. The Bible is clear: “Do not steal. … Do not defraud or rob your neighbor” (Leviticus 19:11,13).

Since you can no longer repay your employer, however, seek some other way to make restitution for what you did. You might, for example, make a generous donation to your church, or another religious organization or charity. Zacchaeus had probably cheated countless people over the years—but when he met Christ he vowed, “If I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount” (Luke 19:8).

The most important step you can take, however, is to seek God’s forgiveness—not only for what you did years ago, but for all your sins. God loves you, and the most important step you will ever take is to open your heart and life to Jesus Christ. Commit your life to Him today.

Have you committed your life to Christ?