Our father was very selfish and unloving, and my sisters and I haven't had anything to do with him since he walked out on our mother (although he's tried several times to get in touch with us). I know the Bible says we should honor our parents, but why should we do anything for him? He never did anything for us.


Your father was far from perfect, from what you say, but he did do one very important thing for you: He gave you life. Where would you and your siblings be without your parents?

Tomorrow is Father’s Day in our country, and I can think of no better time for you to try to reconnect with your father. It’s significant that he’s tried to reach out to you occasionally, and the question is, why? Is it simply for some selfish reason, hoping to get something out of you (which, to be honest, it could be)? Or is it because he now regrets the past and wants to apologize and try to make amends?

I don’t know the answer to this, of course, but neither do you, and you never will if you don’t take the first step and reach out to him. Don’t open your newspaper some day and discover his obituary, then spend the rest of your days regretting you never contacted him.

Regardless of the past, on this Father’s Day I hope you’ll recommit yourself to be the best father you can possibly be, with God’s help. If you’ve never done so, open your heart and life to Jesus Christ. Then ask Him to help you be the kind of father He wants you to be for your children. “Fathers,… bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4).

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