Personally, I find reincarnation very attractive. The idea of an endless heaven doesn't appeal to me, but once I die I look forward to living again and again -- maybe on this earth, maybe somewhere else. Wouldn't that be exciting?


I know you’ve convinced yourself it would be exciting to live an endless series of lives, but would it really? What if you returned to life in some impoverished, war-torn country, or in a place with no freedom, or even as an animal (as some believe happens)?

In reality, however, this will never happen because the Bible makes it clear that we live only once on this earth, and after we die we enter eternity and stand before God. We aren’t here by chance; God put us here, and He placed us here for a reason: to live for Him, and to prepare our souls for eternity. The Bible says, “People are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).

Why is the thought that you might return to life again and again so attractive? One reason may be because you enjoy your life right now and wish it could go on and on. But listen: Our lives in heaven will be far greater and more delightful than anything we can imagine right now. Don’t think heaven will be dull or boring — because it won’t!

I can’t help but wonder, however, if your real reason you feel as you do is because you know you’ve failed to be as good as you might have been, and hope somehow to make up for this in another life. But Christ came to cleanse us of all our sins — and He wants to cleanse yours, as well. Don’t be deceived, but put your life into Christ’s hands — now, and forever.

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