How can I know which faith is right for me? There are dozens of churches in my city, and I can't visit all of them. I don't come from a religious family, but now that I've moved away from home I feel I need to change. But how do I start?


The place to start — is with God Himself! God loves you, and I firmly believe He has implanted this desire within you to know Him. Don’t let that little flame die out, but thank God for it and trust His promise: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7).But (you may be asking) who do you ask? Where do you seek? What door do you knock? The answer is Jesus Christ. Jesus was more than a great religious figure or someone who greatly influenced history. The Bible says He was God in human flesh, sent from Heaven to save us from our sins. He did this by dying on the cross as the final sacrifice for our sins, and the proof is that He rose again from the dead.This is why I invite you to ask Jesus to come into your life today. Only one thing separates us from God, and that is our sin. But Christ shed His blood to take away our sins — and because of this, heaven’s door is now open to us. By a simple prayer of faith ask Him to come into your life — and He will.Then ask Him to lead you to a church where you’ll feel welcome and can grow in your faith. It may take time — but God knows your needs, and He can be trusted to lead you.