I admit I get upset and fly off the handle fairly easily, but that's just the way I am and I can't change it, no matter how hard I try. But my wife says I could change if I'd let God handle it. What difference would that make?


I agree with your wife; turning your life over to God would make an enormous difference. You’d no longer be trying to change on your own; God would be helping you — and remember: He is far stronger than you are. You’d discover what Paul did: “I can do everything through him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13).

How can God help you change? First of all, He’ll help you realize just how damaging your temper is — both to you and to others. You won’t overcome this problem until you realize how destructive and sinful it is. The Bible says, “Better… a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city” (Proverbs 16:32).

Then God will help you get to the root of your problem, and deal with it. The reason you get impatient and angry is simply because you aren’t getting your own way. But we can’t always have our own way, nor can we always ride roughshod over others. When we submit our lives to Christ, He helps us deal with our selfishness and lack of concern for others, and replaces them with patience and love. It may not happen all at once, but it will happen as we put Christ at the center of our lives instead of ourselves.

Begin today by asking Jesus Christ to come into your life. Then when anger or frustration threaten to overwhelm you, turn at once to Him and ask Him to take control of your emotions.