I am 8 years old and I would like to know what angels look like. Do they have wings, and do they glow in the dark?


Thank you for your question, and I hope you’ll always want to find out what the Bible tells us about angels — and also what it says about everything else we need to know about God and His love for us.

Angels, the Bible tells us, are spiritual beings whom God created to help Him do His work in the world. Because they are spiritual beings (instead of physical creatures), they usually are invisible to us, and they carry on most of their work without us ever being aware of them. Even now, God’s angels are protecting us as we trust God to watch over us. The Bible says God “will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” (Psalm 91:11).

At times, however, God’s angels do become visible to us. Sometimes they appear as ordinary men. From time to time, I hear reports of people who were rescued from danger by someone who suddenly appeared, and never was seen again — perhaps an angel. But the Bible also tells of angels whose appearance is glorious and filled with light. When Jesus was born, angels announced His birth to a group of humble shepherds. The Bible says, “Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared” (Luke 2:13). Afterward, the shepherds saw them ascend into heaven.

I hope you’ll stop and thank God for His angels. Most of all, I hope you’ll thank God for His love for you. The angels are a sign of His love for us, but the greatest sign of God’s love for us is Jesus Christ. Why not ask Him to come into your life today?