I come from a nation where we worship many gods and goddesses. I would like to worship Jesus also, because I believe He too was a god, but a Christian friend told me I can't do this. Maybe you can tell me why.


I’m thankful for your interest in Jesus Christ, and I hope my answer won’t discourage you or keep you from learning more about Him. It could be the most important thing you ever do, because (as your Christian friend knows) Jesus Christ could change your life.

I know it may be difficult for you to accept at first, but the Bible (which is God’s Word) tells us there is only one God, not many gods and goddesses. He is all-powerful; He is so powerful that He created the universe. The Bible says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). He created you also – and He did this because He loves you and wants to be your friend.

But the Bible tells us we aren’t God’s friends because we have turned our backs on Him and chosen to ignore His standards of right and wrong. The Bible calls this sin – and our greatest need is to have our sins forgiven, for only then can we become His friends.

But how can we be forgiven? We can’t wash away our sins, no matter how hard we try. Only God can take them away – and this is what He did through Jesus Christ. He was God in human form, who came from heaven to take away our sins. He did this by sacrificing His life for us. May you discover more about Him – and then ask Him to come into your life and be your friend.