I decided I needed to start going to church, but I ended up in a church with lots of problems, and I've given up on religion. If Christians can't get along with each other, why should I become one?


Let me ask you a question: If you ate at a certain restaurant and discovered the food wasn’t very good, would you never go to a restaurant again? Or would you even stop eating? No, of course not.

Don’t turn your back on God just because you had a bad experience with one particular church. Admittedly, no church is perfect; as someone has said, if you ever find a perfect church, it’ll cease to be perfect the minute you join it! But it would be wrong for you to assume all churches are like the one you experienced — for they aren’t. Jesus’ command to His followers is clear: “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another” (John 13:34).

The real issue, however, is this: What will you do with Jesus Christ? The Bible says our real problem can be summed up in one word: sin. Sin not only makes us do wrong, but it cuts us off from God and subjects us to His judgment. But God loves us; He loves us so much that He has provided the way for us to be forgiven and reconciled to Himself.

What is that way? That way is Jesus Christ, who took upon Himself our sin and our judgment by dying on the cross for us. By a simple prayer of faith you can ask Him to come into your life — and I pray you will. Then ask Him to guide you to a church where you won’t only feel at home, but where your faith can grow strong.