I got divorced a few months ago, and now I've fallen in love with a man who is everything I could ever want. But my mother is constantly telling me to go slow. Sometimes I just wish she'd back off and let me run my own life. How can I get this across to her?


Your mother cares about you; if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be trying to get you to be more cautious. She knows the pain you went through with your divorce and doesn’t want you to go through it again.

In other words, your mother is wise to caution you, and I hope you will step back and listen to her. She knows that our emotions can mislead us, and she knows too that your recent divorce probably has left you lonely and in turmoil. But it has also made you vulnerable to anything—or anyone—who seems to offer you love and security. The Bible warns, “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it” (Proverbs 27:12).

Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not saying this relationship is necessarily wrong. But it is almost impossible in just a few weeks for the two of you to know each other well enough to get married. Marriage is a serious step, and God’s perfect will is for marriage to be a lifelong commitment. Don’t treat it casually or allow yourself to be swept away by your emotions.

Above all, seek God’s will for your future. Begin by giving your life to Jesus Christ, asking Him to forgive the past and guide your future. He loves you and knows what is best for you.