I know I ought to read the Bible, but I've never been a good reader and it's just too big a struggle. My daughter says I have a mild learning disability that keeps me from reading well, and I guess she's right. Is God upset with me because I don't read the Bible?


God understands your difficulty, and you shouldn’t feel guilty because you can’t read as well as most people do.

In fact, millions of people in other parts of the world can’t read at all–including many Christians. But God has other ways to help them learn what the Bible says, and He has the same for you. For example, when your pastor preaches, ask God to help you learn more about the Bible’s message from what he says. This will help you grow in your faith, because “faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17). Your local Christian radio station may also have programs with Bible teaching.

In addition, I would encourage you to try reading the Bible for yourself–even just a few verses a day. Sometimes people never open the Bible because it’s such a big book, but God can speak to you through even a few verses–from the Psalms, for example, or Proverbs.

The Bible is God’s Word, and He has given it to us to help us. Don’t see Bible reading as a burden or a chore; see it instead as a privilege, and an opportunity to hear God speak. Most of all, the Bible points us to Christ. Ask God to help you get to know Him better every day.

You can know Jesus Christ right now.