I have a real problem telling little lies, even when it would be better to tell the truth. Why do I do this? I've tried to stop, but then I catch myself doing it again. God must get very upset at me because I know this is wrong.


Yes, it is wrong in God’s eyes to tell lies — even if you think they are “little lies” that don’t seem important. The Bible is clear: “Do not lie to each other” (Colossians 3:9).

Why is this? One reason is because when we lie we hurt others. When we lie to someone, we are actually deceiving them, making them think something is true when it really isn’t. They may even pass on our lie to others, creating even more problems. This is especially true if we’ve told them a lie about another person. And if someone acts on a lie we’ve told, they’ll think they are doing something right when they actually aren’t.

Have you ever asked yourself why you’ve fallen into this habit? Often, I’ve found, people tell lies simply because they’re trying to build themselves up in the eyes of others. They want others to think they are important or “in the know” or they hope people will think they’re better than they really are. But this is wrong — and eventually they hurt themselves, because people won’t want them as friends.

My prayer is that you will turn to God and commit this habit — and your whole life — to Jesus Christ. God loves you; He made you and He accepts you just as you are. Open your heart and life to Jesus, and ask Him to help you avoid all falsehood. May the psalmist’s commitment become yours: “I will watch my ways and keep my tongue from sin” (Psalm 39:1).