I know God wants me to make a big change in my life (it involves moving to a different city and a change of career) but I don't want to do it. Will God forgive me, or is He likely to punish me for disobeying Him? I really need to know.


Let me ask you a question: If God is asking you to make this change, then why is He doing it? Is it because He wants to make you miserable? Does He want you to be lonely, unhappy, or unfulfilled the rest of your life?

No, of course not. If God is truly leading you to make this change, it’s because He has something better for you — something you’ll be missing if you fail to obey. Right now, all you can see is your present life — and you don’t want to leave it. But God sees the whole picture and knows what is best for you in the future — even if it doesn’t seem like it right now.

Never forget: God’s plan for us is always best — always. The Bible says, “As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless” (Psalm 18:30). God loves us, and because He loves us He wants what’s best for us — and what’s best for us is to do His will.

It’s not easy to pull up roots and strike out in a different direction, not knowing exactly what the future holds. But when we are in God’s will, He goes before us and directs our path. Don’t be satisfied with anything less than His plan for your life. If Christ can be trusted for our eternal salvation, can’t He also be trusted with our lives right now?