I know our society has made a lot of progress in the field of civil rights in recent years, but do you think we'll ever eliminate all the injustices in our world? Sometimes I wonder if it'll ever happen.


I’m very thankful for what our nation has accomplished in civil rights during my lifetime, and I pray we’ll continue to make progress. Early in my ministry, I came to see that racial prejudice was wrong in God’s eyes, and that the ground at the foot of the Cross was level.

Remember: God created us all, and He values every person, regardless of their race or ethnicity — and so should we. Christ died for the whole world, not just one race or nation. Some day, the Bible says, we’ll be in heaven with people “from every tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9).

But will we ever eliminate all the injustices that plague our world? Unfortunately, the answer is “no” — and the reason is because the problem isn’t only one of legislation or economic progress. What is the problem? The problem is what the Bible calls sin — our rebellion against God, and our determination to live without Him. In other words, our problem is within our hearts — and until our hearts are changed, the problem will remain. But Christ can change our hearts — and He will, as we open our lives to His transforming power. Have you opened your life to Him?

But listen: Some day, all the injustices of this world will be eliminated! That will happen when Christ comes again to establish His perfect kingdom of justice and peace. But in the meantime make it your goal to live for Christ and to love others, even as He does.