I know this isn't a spiritual question, but I'm heading to college shortly and I don't have any idea what to major in. I guess the real problem is that I don't know what to do with my life. How can I decide?


In reality, your question is a very spiritual question — because God has a plan for your life, and the most important advice I can give you is to seek His will for your future.

After all, He knows all about you — because He made you and put you here. He knows what you can do — and what you can’t do. But more than that, He knows what’s best for you, and how you ought to invest your life. As you think about your future, don’t leave God and His will out of your plans! Life’s greatest joy comes from knowing God’s will — and doing it. I often recall the words of the Psalmist (which I urge you to memorize): “As for God, his way is perfect” (Psalm 18:30).

How can you find God’s will? Begin by inviting Jesus Christ to come into your life as your Saviour and Lord. Then ask Him to guide you as you make decisions about your future. Pray; seek advice from others who know you; evaluate your own interests and abilities; align your goals and priorities in life with God’s Word, the Bible.

Does this mean God will suddenly reveal His plan for your whole life to you? No, not necessarily; often He only shows us the next step we need to take. But never forget: God’s way is always best — always. As a footnote, as you enter college, seek out others on your campus who love God and can encourage and help you. You need them — and they need you.